Baked Just Wright

That's me up there being the typical tourist! (I couldn't help myself!)

That's me up there being the typical tourist! (I couldn't help myself!)

Meet Who "Bakes Just Wright"

Samantha Wright (oh, that explains the name!) is not your average baker; she didn't receive extensive training at a world renowned culinary school (though she wishes she would have) or spend years working in a bakery. Instead, Samantha learned to bake the old fashioned way- having a relentless passion for it and a multitude amount of trial and error! Samantha's love for baking stems from the happiness it brings everyone who enjoys her treats.

Her treats became a must-have request from family and friends for any and all occasions (including the "because I want your dessert" get-together). Samantha's husband began to nickname all of her baking requests "Baked Just Wright." 

Even with the spark of a catchy name, it would take something a little bit more to turn this bakery dream into a reality.  That day came when one of Samantha's favorite Jewish bakeries closed down.  She set out on a mission to perfect some of the treats she had been desperately missing! The excitement these newly conquered treats brought to her close friends and family made her realize that they might not be the only ones who were missing these treasured goodies. It was in those moments that Baked Just Wright was truly born.

Now, Samantha is excited to share it all with you! Everything from her favorite This & Thats cookies, to the chocolate and berry filled rugelach to everything in between! She is constantly trying new flavors and recipes, so that she can expand her selection of goodies for you to enjoy!

Have a special request? Bring it on! Samantha is always up for the challenge.